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The random part in Japanese Pokerap 1 where the guys try to sound like gangstas.

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From the Editor in Chief: Making It Possible pp. 1-3

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As stated by FanimutationWiki, this was the ever first Animutation.


Die beste Auswahl an Videos wie beispielsweise The Japanese Pokerap.This is a Must-See Animutation, considered to be a good representative of the genre of Animutation.

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Early life Colin Mochrie was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, the oldest of three children.

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Animutation is a style of animation invented by Neil Cicierega at age 13.

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Albino blacksheep japanese pokerap. 4 notes Reblog. tomorrow and find out that the hot new discourse is about a new animutation named ‘Donald Trump and...

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Who is regarded as the father of the Animutation genre, and what was the first animutation.

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Animutated version of a more recent Japanese Pokerap. Animutations are odd music videos usually set to Japanese.

REALLY looses its purpose when you actually know most of the Japanese Pokemon.